keeping on track...so far

so tonight is our last night of vacay.  we are not happy.  that's actually not true, we are happy, but not happy about the time at home being over.

over this break, we really enjoyed just being home. we caught up on 2 seasons of survivor, several seasons of sunny in philadelphia, and just enjoyed having no where else to be.

dungy loved having us home too!  he loves being active all day, and sleeping all night.  of course i like that too!

this week i logged a few days with the start clean in 2013 challenge, including a meal plan, and somewhat of a workout with a friend. that was dana and i cleaning up the yard and burning the christmas tree!  this is still in progress...

i also just logged my miles for the chilly challenge, 14 this week!  hoping for about that again this week, but broken down in to more runs than 2!

hope you are all keeping up with your 2013 challenges!

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