In trying to work on my blog, and make it more current, and more interesting, I thought I’d steal this type of post…stolen from Janetha (over at meals and moves check her out if you haven’t already!!) who stole it from oatmeal after spinning  

So, here goes!

Current book: So, typically I don’t read, but if I do, you will find me with either a cookbook, diet/nutrition/health plan book, or something to do with teaching 5th grade reading…  Most recently, I skimmed Wheat Belly, by William Davis, MD.  Since “reading” it, I have been eliminating wheat from my diet, just to see what happens and how I feel!  So far, so good!  Feeling much less bloat!

Current music: right this minute I have Pandora on the Baroque Classical channel…but I am LOVING “Internet killed the video star” by The Limousines!!!  It reminds me of the 80’s for some reason?

Current guilty pleasure: REST!  I have been training for the Zooma Half Marathon, here on Amelia Island for 3 months(?) now.  While this is taper week, I have had to take that to a new low…I seem to have some sort of foot thing going on…could be a stress fracture. So REST is what I have had to do this week…Normally I would have been to 2 spin classes and gone for a 3-4 mile run by Wednesday…Just hoping Saturday goes well!!!

Current nail color: Have you seen my Limo?  Just got a pedi, hoping to help foot issue, and decided on this OPI color for the toes…I had The World Is Not Enough on before, and kind of miss that…it was from the Bond collection of OPI colors a few months ago.  I really liked it!!!  (those are NOT my nails!)

Current drink: Coffee with French Vanilla Silk Creamer…but its about that time of day to switch to water!  I do have a Coconut Water on hand too, to hydrate!!

Current food: cannot ever get enough of Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas!  Got this recipe from Angela over at Oh She Glows.  I make these all the time as a quick yummy snack!  I have a batch soaking up in vinegar at home now, ready to toast up when I get home!!

Current favorite show: Hello?!?  Biggest Loser!!!  Loving this season! Loving that Jillian is back!  Loving that they are addressing child obesity!  It is so prevalent in the schools right now.  I’m hoping to influence my kids with healthy living and good nutrition too!!
Also, we have been watching old episodes of Survivor…and loving it?!  Who knew?  Or, why did we stop watching them each season? 

Current needs: my foot to heal by Saturday!!!

Current triumphs: Finished all of my observations at school!  Yay!!!

Current bane of my existence: my bad foot!!!  By the way…after I sat icing for about an hour, my mom called to asked how said foot was doing…it was then that I realized I had been icing the WRONG FOOT?!? 

Current celebrity crush: not in the romantic sense…but I am loving Jillian!!!

Current indulgence: Again, REST!!!  May take a nap when I get home today…Thanks for teaching my class Debby!!!

Current blessing: our gorgeous Florida weather!  In the 80’s again?! Hoping for perfect weather on Saturday for my run/hobble!

Current slang: “Who needs?” from My Boys, whenever someone goes to get a beer…

Current outfit: Terrible!!!  Khaki gap capris (warm weather J) with brown crocs (foot issue!) black tank under grey V cardigan, under black silk ann taylor cardigan because its FREEZING INSIDE?!  (warm weather = cold AC that I have not control over)  and I forgot a scarf today…

Current excitement: ZOOMA HALF MARATHON ON SATURDAY!!! Ready for the festivities on Friday and the post-race party!!!

Current mood: content! 

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  1. Now I am impressed! I didn't know all these things:) Hope you foot is better by Saturday!