I made my own!

Sunflower seed butter!
We have had an excess of raw sunflower seeds so I thought, why not?

First I roasted 2 cups of raw sunflower seeds in the oven. 350 for awhile...maybe 15 minutes?

These went into the food processor with some flax seeds that I had on hand...and after sometime on the low setting, I cranked it up to high.  First, it became broken down like crumbs...then it began to clump.

Next, I added coconut oil...probably about 2-3 tablespoons, with the food processor on low...
This really made it clump up!  I thought I was in trouble, but then I added a tablespoon of EVOO!  This helped smooth it out!  I probably could have added more to make the butter smoother, but I was ok with the thickness.

For extra yum factor, I added some cacao, and a bit of sea salt to bring out more flavor.

The result:

I spread some on a slice of gluten free UDI's white bread and boy was I happy!!! 

so proud I cleaned out the pantry and made something yummy and healthy!!

(mason jar wine glass made by a friend!  thanks Lynn!!)

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