Yes, it has been awhile!
After reading several running/eating/vegan/recipe blogs, I've returned to my own.
One of the blogs/google reader things I've been reading started out as a running log...so, I'm thinking I may take this in that direction...a way to recap running, spinning, etc. and keep me accountable to a daily sweat.

Today...Veteran's Day (observed) as 11/11 was yesterday, I was able to hit a spin class at 8 am!  What a treat to work out in the AM!  I truly wish our school days started way later.  We start at 7:30 with kids coming into the classroom. Typically I arrive at school at 7, give or take...which means getting in the shower no later than 6:30...well, technically I could work out before then, but I haven't yet... (shhhhh...I just may try tomorrow with the hubs who has been going to the Y at 5:30)

So this may be amusing...we are in a weightloss challenge again.  We tend to start these in the winter, January, and end in May.  This time, we mixed it up to tackle football season.  We started in August, and are ending either the night before Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving morning...I made the unfortunate choice of the night before...but that may work out afterall...  And before we all freak out over the info down below...I am 4'11", currently at 128.4.  I'm aware of the limited calories, and have eaten this way before (in July) and survived...I'd be at my goal weight (117), and then some, if football hadn't happened.  I blame the SEC and NFL.

Today we are nine days out, and I have 10 lbs. to go...we'll see what miracles can happen over the next few days...

Today's details:
636 kcal
spinning at 8 am, 414 kcal

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