Really? that's the last thing I've posted? Wow, I'm bad at this!

So the January rundown is that I completed the Half Marathon on 1/19, and survived!
Have not really gotten back into the swing of things with running, but have been able to squeak out one run a week, plus 2 spin classes...Then....I PR'ed in a local 5K with a sub 30 time!  Yay! for me!  AND, won 3rd in my age group...welcome to 40!  I'll take it!

Was hoping that race would motivate a steadier running schedule but it did not.

Today, I joined a group headed to the expo to pick up their packets for the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, 26.2 with Donna. With all of the excitement, and loot, (I picked up a packet for someone who was not there, and collected loot for them!)  I was soooo close to registering and running tomorrow... but then saw Jeff Galloway at the Marathon High booth.  It was then that Tif  (friend encouraging me to run) and I decided after a WWJD? moment, that Jeff would say "NO!" but i'm still not sure.
So, instead, I came home and registered for 2 more races, with shorter distances....Now, I have to get my butt out there and get some miles in!  but dang, it's cold out there!  

Seeing Jeff Galloway was pretty cool, I must say!   I almost took his picture, but chickened out!  What?! lame, I know!  I told Tif, we should ask him if I should run or not...then she said, "ya, he'd say no." and there was my answer....I should have gotten a picture though...
Lord help me if I ever see Jillian Michaels, or any other Biggest Loser trainers, or players, for that matter!

Plan for tomorrow: YOGA!  because I really need it!  BRUNCH!  because a girls gotta eat!  POST-RUN PARTY!  well, maybe, we'll see about that!

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